Class Activity

In a sentence or two, please answer the question “what is social change?”  Think freely, there is no right or wrong answer 🙂

Wordle: social change


19 thoughts on “Class Activity

  1. Social change is community change. Community could mean local or national. Working to improve conditions. Planned or unplanned?

  2. To me, social change means significant, widespread (but not necessarily monolithic or universal) shifts in a group’s attitudes on a topic of shared interest. It can be deliberate and revolutionary, but it can also happen so quietly or slowly that it’s hard to see from the inside.

  3. social change is a product of revolutionary thinking, in an effort to create honest earned knowledge, about building a society that is invested in knowing themselves and knowing the worlds they live in to best impact them.

  4. To me, social change is about shifting fundamental paradigms as a collective of individual voices – a movement towards change. I also think of words like empowerment and progression.

  5. To me, social change is the process of societal shift in ideas or attitudes. The term can be both positive and negative depending on the context.

  6. Social change is searching for fairness and equality for all members of a community. Identifying elements of systematic oppression and changing them.

  7. Social change comes about when a large group of people change their minds about something. Often dramatic and sudden although I don’t know why it necessarily would have to be that way.

  8. Social change is a change made in an attempt to better humanity. These changes are usually made on a grassroots, local level.

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