Occupy Art

The Occupy Wall St. Movement, an inclusive social movement made up of activists young and old from diverse backgrounds, has made headlines recently by protesting widespread economic inequality in the United States.  Calling themselves “the 99%,” Occupy Wall St. activists have reclaimed public space in cities and towns across the United States.  Many of the movement’s participants have employed political and grassroots art to call attention to income and wealth disparity and the inability of the American economic and legal system to meet the needs of those who bear the brunt of current financial policies.

Here you will find photographs of eye-catching Occupy signs, videos of sing-alongs in occupy encampments, and articles on the creative elements of the movement.

Occupy Signs:

Occupy Sing-Alongs:

We Shall Overcome, 10/21/2011

This Little Light of Mine, 10/22/2011

The River Flows, led by Pete Seeger, 10/22/2011

Drum Circle at Liberty Plaza


How Art Propels Occupy Wall Street Movement by Michelle Elam, CNN Opinion, Tuesday Nov. 2, 2011

Drumming and the Occupation, Oct. 24th, 2011, occupywallst.org


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